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March 2021 Update

I am writing this on the anniversary of the first COVID case in Bermuda. What a year!

It has been a year of learning how important our loved ones and friends are, that we benefit by being grateful, and that we can manage with less in terms of material things. My son and I have been grateful to be able to work through the pandemic, and for the good health of all of our cats.

Having sold most of my copies of Bermuda Cat Tales (a huge THANK YOU to anyone who bought a copy), I saw them as a COVID cheer up and gifted a number over the Christmas season to Seniors homes who had strict restrictions on visitation. I was also happy in two instances where homes were closing, that a copy went to a member of staff, as the support people also need support!

Sales of Cat Tales continued at local pet and bookstores, as well as several pharmacies. Robertson’s in St. Georges, and the National Trust pop up shop at Waterville sold quite a few copies during the holiday period.

David Lopes was off and on Inspire 105 FM at times, giving Colours of Bermuda, as well as the Railway Trail Song frequent airplay. David has a strong following, and they campaigned time and again to have him back.

The Bermuda Railway continues to go from strength to strength with the Flatts Bridge nearing completion. This has many Bermudians extremely excited. For me, it is the re-connectivity that is so amazing. Thank you, Tucker Murphy, and family.

There was not much opportunity to record in 2020, but we did manage one song, Lullabye. This is a gentle reflective song that is also a love triangle., that I wrote as a teenager. The irony of life is that you can reconnect with someone 35 or even 40 years later, so never say never.

As always, I give credit to John Woolridge who created the Railway & Aquarium Videos, and Alan Marquardt for the fabulous photograph slides that accompany Colours of Bermuda. I am also grateful to the various super talented ladies who have assisted with recordings or been backup singers over the years, including Latosha Coddrington, Valerie Martins, Jennifer Osmond, and Francesca Dill.

While I couldn’t sing at the Perfumery, Isabelle and I did manage a glass of wine to celebrate the completion of her home renovations. So here’s to a better 2021.

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