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Happy Spring! (2024 Update)

Happy Spring! March is my favourite month (ok, it was my birthday too!) and this year I have joined the largest population group in Bermuda, becoming a Senior. A few years ago, I was inspired to write a song specifically for seniors that encourages us all to keep moving, whether by cycling, swimming, sailing, dancing or whatever we enjoy.

My songs focus on emotions and as I make this major life transition into semi-retirement, there are plenty of emotions to feel. There were some health challenges in the last 18 months (hands up if you can relate to that !😊 ) but they are all behind me now, and overall, I am feeling very positive. There is so much to look forward to, including the freedom from full time work so I can do more of what I love. I will miss many of my work colleagues at the hospital but will be doing some part time consultancy work which will keep me connected and ease the transition.

My most recent performance was 11th Jan when the Folk Club participated in a BMDS (Bermuda Music & Dramatic Society) Hoot Night at Daylesford. A great audience and my chosen topics of Money (who isn’t skint in January?), Ageing (adapted mature version of My Favourite Things) and Cookies (all the different ways to crumble!) went down well. I plan to record the Cookie Song next, and also have a Cougar Song that is another possibility.

So, what did I get up to over the winter? I recorded three songs with John Woolridge of Just Platinum Studios and opened the last box (of 43!) of Bermuda Cat Tales books. All three songs are now on my website with lyrics. Music from the Heart was released over Valentine’s week. This and Anything For You are both reflective. Can’t Make You Love Me is an old love song written in the 70’s. John, as usual, came up with magic arrangements and production, and pushed me vocally in the studio, which was good for me as we got great results. The weather is finally drying and warming up, so ENJOY THE SPRING!


P.S. Listen in to David Lopes on Inspire 105.1 FM from 6 – 9 for the best chance of hearing some of my songs.

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