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2015 Chewstick Retreat

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

I grew with Chewstick collaborating as sister organizations when President of the Bermuda Folk Club, as fellow musicians looking out for the younger generation and Chewstick was a place I could take my poetry and short stories as well as original songs to a receptive audience. I extended my Bermuda family at Chewstick and got great exposure at their events such as Kitefest at Horseshoe Bay. I came to the attention of Gina Spence Productions and participated in the Bermuda Entertainers Showcase this May through Chewstick, and it was an honour and a privilege to perform in front of 500 people at the S/ton Fairmont. Loved singing with your Wall St Band and other times when as a solo artist your talented musicians have softly picked up what I was singing and joined in to enhance it. Last October, Gavin and Deidra nudged me to host a songwriting session at the Chewstick retreat at Paget Island - loved being able to give back. I met Mr. Magic through Chewstick and was interviewed for Channel 82 - again great exposure as a local artist. Neil Burnie knew a good place to hang out - from my Chewstick networking, he played on my CD on two songs and last but not least, I found an old family connection with Najib Chentouf - my father brought his father out to Bda in the 60's. So absolutely, YES, BERMUDA NEEDS CHEWSTICK! Val Sherwood.

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