Never Tell Them Why

Released in December 2004, Never Tell Them Why contained twelve original songs half of which were love songs and half social comment, with one religious and one environmental song.

Nearly all the songs reflected Val's life experiences and were certainly music from her heart. Especially organic and moving are The Letter and Whiskey In The Morning.

The CD includes ballads, her forte, as well as several country tunes; Val played guitar on every track. There are two unique features to this CD. One, that Val was probably the first local artist to secure sponsorship for about fifty percent of the album's songs from local businesses. Secondly, with a basic rhythm and guide vocal track providing the melody, Val and her then producer, Michael Spencer-Ascott, would decide what other instruments they were "hearing" for the song, and then find a musician who played that particular instrument, and invite them to contribute an original music track. Through this, her debut album features well known Bermudian musicians such as Max Maybury (on flute) and Taylor Rankin (on violin). Other resident musicians contributed cello and mandolin tracks, and Michael Spencer-Ascott himself played a Spanish Guitar loaned by the late Milt Robinson for a beautiful track on The Letter.

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All Or Nothing Girl
You Were Easy
Not The Lovin' Kind
The Other Day
Whiskey In The Morning
My Open Spaces
The Letter
Don't Talk Back
Right As Rain
The Butterfly

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